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Porque en cada canción te recuerdo..

poppy photo: poppy f_karbonkraitm_0c4a06c.jpg Desperté esta mañana con un sueño y encontré un trocito de tu cielo aquí conmigo, en la tierra roja, donde habita la pasión y no cabe el olvido...y volví a creer, a sentir y enloquecer. Escuché la música, y recorriste mi cuerpo con ella... De nuevo tus labios, ajustando cada tuerca..a tu antojo desmedido, conectándome a la vida..

lunes, 2 de enero de 2012

My heart in a cage..again..

Again, the circle without stop, that tortures..

The dark passenger turning our lights off
Tearing any possibility for change in us, and
destroying like a corrosive acid.
But, not for jail bars to get free
because, they are imaginary,
even so, they hold us back..

Why cannot we go through..?
A mistery that Mr. Sherlock could resolve for us..

That would be helpful, eh?

All we know is that keeping inside,
makes us just look, not touch, not feel
Not wet, but not dry even..
Trapped between two worlds,
waiting, expecting, dreaming
Surrounded by blue,
but staying red
What is violet? Do you know? I am not sure..
It seems colors are defined separately by themselves..
My red heart in a cage again!

By D.S.D

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