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poppy photo: poppy f_karbonkraitm_0c4a06c.jpg Desperté esta mañana con un sueño y encontré un trocito de tu cielo aquí conmigo, en la tierra roja, donde habita la pasión y no cabe el olvido...y volví a creer, a sentir y enloquecer. Escuché la música, y recorriste mi cuerpo con ella... De nuevo tus labios, ajustando cada tuerca..a tu antojo desmedido, conectándome a la vida..

martes, 15 de mayo de 2012

No Fear..


 My Dark Knight,

Because,  I feel grey in your sky, but happy..
Surrounded by the fence of your charms and enchantments, so ethereal and rare.
I walk, with the bearing of a princess, through a sweet and smoky place you call home..
Lie down there to savor this precious sadness..
Love is my matter, no fear,  no hope, but enjoying the very moment on top of this fragile string.
Do not care, just magnetize me with your gaze, go on..intimidate me, disturb me..
Sky is not our limit..stars know..
Why this feeling of warmness if the air is freezing cold?
Why feel embraced  if you are miles away.. long?
And, why no fear from me, leading myself up to face a terrible ghost?..

Why all the comedies end as serious, and inside this seriousness we die laughing..
Because no fear:
I´ll build empires until your heights and after.. I´ll live of memories..


By D.S.D

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